About us… Like you don’t know already. Psssh.


We met in 2011, after being chosen to be some of the select few to launch a new company’s support team here in the Salt Lake Valley. He started work a few days ahead of me, and on my first day of training – he familiarized me with their email ticketing system, so yeah he kinda trained me on emails.

After about a month of flirting and playful banter back and forth – I finally had the gumption to ask him out on a real date… not just another coffee break or lunch run.  Following about a month or so of very obvious flirtatious infatuation, he finally had the stones to ask me on a date. It was a lovely end to working a 16 hour shift;  after sitting in seats right next to each other all day we headed out around 10 pm on a Sunday; and for those of you who know little about Utah – basically NOTHING is open on Sundays, especially after 10 pm. We hit up the Village Inn for coffee and pie, and after the drinks were drunk and the pie (apple pie american style – w/ cheese on top) was eaten, neither of us were too keen on having the night end abruptly. It was November so there wasn’t much desire to stroll through the snow and the only other option was the Century 16 Theater on 3300 South.

The options were minimal, so we went with that one staring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill – you know the one about the terrible baseball team? Both in the fictional world and the physical world, lot’s of first bases were made in the theater that night. As it was home only to us, and after about a solid 30 minutes of trying to avoid his focused stare – I just had to give into his boyish charm and unshaven good looks. It’s kind of funny when you think about it; a WHOLE movie revolving around baseball was happening around us and all there was were first bases – both in the fictional world and the physical world. I don’t remember too much of the movie’s plot and story line so don’t ask me to write a review – let’s just leave it at that.

The film concluded, he drove me back to my car, and we started the next day with love in our hearts and each other on the mind.



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